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    Pricing will be increasing! Current site has not been updated. I will post a link to the new active site soon :). Please be patient. Thank you for your interest. March 28, 2011
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New Website is Live

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the delay in updating this website. The reason is that I’ve been working hard on a brand-spanking-new website. You can access my new website here: http://www.bwcaptures.com/. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the new site :). Please note that this website will no longer be updated regularly (but may be … Continue reading

Stephanie & Bryan

Photos taken: February 9, 2011 @ The South End Congratulations to Stephanie & Bryan on their pregnancy. I was so excited when I saw them walk up to The Buttery when we met the first time, because they had the most amazing outfits on! I absolutely loved their look. Stephanie is a super-talented Interior Designer, … Continue reading

Priyank & Hamasat

Photos taken: January 29, 2011 Please click on Photo or Title to access full set. I was invited to photograph a secret expression of love between these two wonderful people in Harvard Square. It was quite a challenge making my way around the snow mounds without being spotted, but I think I managed OK! Thanks … Continue reading

Nils & Mom

Little Nils hadn’t taken his usual daily nap before our meet-up, but he still pulled off some super cute looks! I can’t wait to see him when he fits his little navy blue fuzzy jumper/coat! Thanks to Mommy F. for letting me spend some time getting to you both. Please click photo or title to … Continue reading

Logan & Family

Photos Taken: 01.24.11 Thanks to little Logan, and his lovely parents for inviting me into their home. Logan was such a sport – he posed his way through the shoot for a full hour! I’m so proud of you, Logan! I cannot wait to see you guys again when the weather warms up. Mommy N, … Continue reading

Gavin M & Family

I absolutely adore Gavin and his little Dino hat! Thanks so much to his Mommy K. and Daddy M. for letting to get to know him better. Gavin was such a good boy even after getting his shots earlier in the day. I love how we had a blast trying to keep sharp objects out … Continue reading

P&L Children’s Party

Photos taken: January 16, 2011. This was a busy day for me! Children’s party in the morning, and an Engagement Party in the evening! I’m finally done editing and processing all photos, so please enjoy! Thank you so much to P & L for inviting me to the party and having me share in the … Continue reading

M & V’s Engagement Party

Congratulations Matthew & Vanessa on their Engagement! The wonderful couple had their celebratory meal at La Camelia in Rhode Island. Thank you so much for having me there to join in all the fun! You guys were such a blast to hang out with. We definitely had some great laughs! For a slideshow with additional … Continue reading

P&H’s Engagement Party

Congratulations to Priyank & Hamasat on their engagement! I was so happy to be there to capture the event. Thanks for making me feel part of the family :). Priyank proposed to Hamasat on a Helicopter and took her on a flight past the Prudential that had the proposal phrase posted on its windows! Too … Continue reading